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venerdì 12 settembre 2008

Quantum classification

I would like to put in evidence the recent work "Quantum classification" which can be found at http://xxx.lanl.gov/PS_cache/arxiv/pdf/0809/0809.0444v2.pdf

venerdì 29 agosto 2008

Recent article about quantum cognition

I've read the article "On the Existence of Quantum Wave Function and Quantum Interference
Effects in Mental States: An Experimental Confirmation during Perception and
Cognition in Humans" of Elio Conte, Andrei Yuri Khrennikov, Orlando Todarello, Antonio
Federici, Joseph P. Zbilut at http://arxiv.org/abs/0807.4547 .

There are described two experiments: one about perception of images, and another about the conjunction fallacy. The results about this last argument are in accordance with the ones of my article "The conjunction fallacy and interference effects", http://xxx.lanl.gov/pdf/0708.3948.

lunedì 21 aprile 2008

Quantum Interaction Symposium

26th-28th March 2008 - University of Oxford - Quantum Interaction Symposium.

QI-2008 brings together researchers interested in:

• The advancement of theory and experimentation for applying QM to non-quantum domains
• Applications of QM inspired methods to address, or to more efficiently solve, problems in non-quantum domains (including contrasts between classical vs. quantum methods)
• Applications to quantum domains, such as implementation of AI, or Information Retrieval (IR) techniques, on a quantum computer
• Use of QM to address previously unsolved problems in other fields

mercoledì 6 febbraio 2008

Belief revision

I've recently posted a new article about belief revision, which seems to be an important theme: the main result of such article is that the judgement can be described by using more than one qubit. In fact, a correct description of gambler's and hot hand's fallacy requires the use of at least two-qubits. Thus the concept of entanglement and of partial trace is introduced, with a clear interpretation.

giovedì 20 settembre 2007

After Vaxjo

I've come to Torino full of new ideas.. now I have to put them in order! The workshop has been positive also from the human point of view, which is an important thing.

I am more convinced than before that quantum formalism can be applied to describe judgements and also preferences. I have in mind a possible description of Ellsberg paradox in terms of interference, I only need some time to write it...

Hi to all!